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Rental Information

Realty One Group offers Rental service for investors as well as renters. I strive to help you find a home, be that one you want to own or one youwant to rent.I am happy to provide a list of property management companies (see list below) that do not list their homes on the Multiple Listing Service(MLS). If you contact me, Iam also happy to provide a list of homes on the MLS that fit your needs. I will put you in touch with the agent directly if you find homes you would like to view.

I will happily help you find a home to rent, although I would be remiss in our attempts to help people if we did not strongly encourage you to purchase a home.Interest rates and housing prices are at historic lows. In most cases, you can purchase a home and your monthly payment will be lower than your monthly rent would be.

Please be wary of rental scams,I am happy to check ownership on any properties you find on these links or any you find on your own. It is in general best interest to work with a management company or investor who has purchased the home long before the market decline or very recently. This will help to improve the safety of your deposit.

Realty One Group and/or myselfdo not indorsethese property management companies, merely provide them as a service to our transferring military and other community members.

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